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The plan was in motion. No one rejected him without consequences. He waited at his club for the news that everything had gone as planned. It was almost three in the morning, so it shouldn’t be too much longer until his man came to tell him that the princess was gone.

But by dawn there was still no news. There wasn’t even a mention of an attempted assassination. What had gone wrong?

A few days later, he heard that a gentleman had been apprehended on palace grounds and had been sent to jail. He also heard that Parliament was going in session to discuss the marriage law regarding the royal family.

The law stated that any princess born before the crown prince had to be married by her twenty-first birthday, and the crown prince had to be married by his thirtieth birthday— this was to ensure that the line would continue. Since Princess Naomi’s twenty-first birthday was last year, and she was not married yet, Parliament was going to force the issue.

He pondered all of this and decided he would just have to do the job himself. It was a good thing he was friends with the royal family. He smirked. Revenge certainly would be sweet, and the country of Limren never would be the same.

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